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Have purchased this multiple times now for my family, it’s really as per their marketing - promoting sleep and blood circulation. I like tea and some tea causes insomnia for me but this doesn’t hence why I have been repurchasing. A high quality product indeed.

Shermaine C

So nice so healthy so delicious Tea. I want to sell this in Korea


My son injured because of dog attack, and he fell. I worried about scarring will affect his appearance and alcoholic application will hurts him. I was grateful Oudtidote helps to reduce inflammation and sterilize, and quickly repair wounds without leaving scars.

Ze Wei

Brewed and tried agarwood tea last night, it tastes good.

Tony Lim

Used cream products previously but ended up abandoned all because all of those are greasy and uncomfortable. Oudtidote Agarwood scent are good, comfortable in use, and not sticky or greasy.

Timmy Fong

I don't really like the smoky feel of incense. But NYCX Agarwood Incense fragrance was great and it able to reduce my stress and anxiety. My husband love the fragant of this incense too.

Yu Han

NYCX agarwood tea is premium and tastes good.

Kwang Soon

I tried out immediately once I've received items ordered. The fragrance of burning Agarwood Incense was healing! Besides, Incense holder box design is exquisite.

Kwang Soon

Agarwood tea tastes fresh and smells aromatic. It's suits my taste and improved my sleep quality after consumption.

Kelvin Lim