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About Agarwood

Agarwood is a fragrant material that is known by various names such as gaharu, oud, and chen xiang. It is the highly valuable, aromatic dark resinous part of the non-timber Aquilaria tree, widely prized for its tremendous medicinal and fragrant properties.

Agarwood is formed from the wounding and subsequent fungal infection of the Aquilaria trees. When wounded, the trees secrete a protective resin around the areas of injury. Over time, this resin becomes the much sought-after agarwood, which is used throughout the world in religious paraphernalia, therapeutic fragrances,
medicines and as an aromatic food ingredient

To cater for the billion-dollar global demand, professional agarwood cultivation techniques are required t0  maximise yields and reduce wastage. NYCX is a strong proponent of artificial inoculation, which can help prevent indiscriminate harvesting of agarwood and protect natural habitats from damage

Agarwood Formation

Natural Factors

(e.g.Thunder-strikes, broken branches, infestations)

Conventional Methods

(e.g. Physical wounding, cutting, bark removal)

Non-Conventional Methods

(e.g. Biological consortium, chemical inducers)

Agarwood Health Benefits