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NYCX featured in Nanyang Siang Pau

NYCX featured in Nanyang Siang Pau


We would like to express our gratitude for the excellent coverage by Nanyang Siang Pau about our cultivated agarwood and also our business-to-customer brand agarwood products – Nan Yang Chen Xiang.

This positive exposure for our brand to be featured in the local news provides the community with a nice introduction to agarwood including its health benefits to us.

NYCX is a brand launch by Dadvance Agarwood Solutions Sdn. Bhd. for the B2C (Business to Customer) segment. Most of the agarwood products in the market are considered pricey and the company’s goal is to introduce an agarwood brand that everyone can buy without compromising its quality and values.

The Company’s strategic planning director – Mr.Davidoff Lim said NYCX is a brand that is built on P2C (Plantation to customer) business model. By removing the middle man and unnecessary costs such as rental, we can sell it at an affordable price. Some of the customer feedback is with our product’s value we actually can sell it at a higher price he jokingly said.

He hopes next year when the pandemic is more manageable, the company will launch their 3-in-1 wellness center that integrates Beauty . Health . Lifestyle in Klang Valley.

Currently, the company is in the midst to launch a few more ranges of products by next year.

One of NYCX’s core values is to revolutionize agarwood miraculous benefits into a modern lifestyle.

Oudtidote is the top-selling products agarwood skincare product by NYCX.