NYCX x Plant Based Without Border

NYCX is a company that wholeheartedly supported physical, mental, and spiritual health. The company was honored to have been a major sponsor of the “Vegetarian Without Borders” event, which promoted the concept of vegetarianism, environmental protection, plant-based diets, and health, together with other brands. The event was jointly organized by the Malaysian Vegetarian Society, Central I-City Mall, and Vedia, and received support from representatives of major enterprises, media, artists, businesses, and charitable organizations.

The purpose of the event was to promote the culture of plant-based diets, advocate for healthy eating habits, reduce meat consumption, and call for public attention to the importance of protecting the environment and the earth. Modern people face tremendous pressure, and most of them eat out, with relatively little vegetable intake. The hope was that through this event, more people could join the ranks of vegetarians and work together to help each other.

Representatives from all walks of life expressed their views on vegetarianism and advocated for adopting a healthier plant-based diet. Vegetarianism not only benefited personal health but also protected the earth and reduced carbon emissions. The company looks forward to continuing to promote this concept in the future, and to benefiting more people.

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